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Mac Blu-ray Player Version: V2.7.7

As the first Blu-ray Player for Mac in the world, Mac Blu-ray Player can help Blu-ray fans fully enjoy HD Blu-ray on Mac . It supports Blu-ray disc and its ISO files playback on Mac & PC. It also makes BD playable on mobile devices like iPhone/iPad 2/iPod touch 4 via AriX technology. More than that, it is an all-in-one media player in that it supports all media formats. After adding DTS5.1, surround sound technology becomes available and adjustable channel controls allow you to optimize the sound reproduction according to specific environment. Supported both on Mac & PC, Mac Blu-ray Player can offer you the most stunning Blu-ray DVD enjoyment.

Key Features:
  • Mac Blu-ray Player, an almighty media player in the first place.
  • High quality guaranteed and hardware acceleration available.
  • Core technology-AriX and instant sharing available.
  • English/German/Japanese/Russian/Spanish/Italian are supported.
  • Set the right ratio aspect for your Home Theater on Mac.
  • 2013-2-22 What's new in Mac Blu-ray Player (Mac version & Windows version) v2.7.7
    1.AC3 Encoder output added.
    2.New version support Polish.
    Find more upgrade history here
System requirements:

Mac OS X 10.5+ to 10.8
Intel Core2 Duo 2.4GHz processor or higher recommended


It is, first and foremost, an almighty media player.


Among all the media players we have, Mac Blu-ray Player stands out for its all-media-format-supported feature. All the formats that exist today, including Blu-ray, DVD, CD, MOV, MKV, AVI, FLV, WMV, MP4, MPEG, RMVB, MP3, WMA, AAC, AC3, etc, can be played on this program. It is truly amazing. A Mac Blu-ray Player can be your video player, audio player and even photo viewer. Apart from that, Mac Bluray Player provides splendid BD/DVD experience. It also supports playback of Blu-ray or DVD movies in ISO image format.


High quality guaranteed and hardware acceleration available!


What is the secret of Mac Blu-ray player’s ability to remain highdefinition quality without data and frame loss? It is well known that DTS5.1 can make sure the high quality of the outputting. After adding DTS5.1 into it, Mac Bluray Player can bring you to the most fanta -stic HD video enjoyment. It also allows full preservation of all audio tracks( like DTS HD Master Audio, Dolby TrueHD Audio, etc.), subs streams, chapter makers and videos. NVIDIA’s CUDA acceleration technology is also supported.


Core technology-AriX and Instant Sharing Available


The Mac Blu-ray Player can make Blu-ray playable on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch through AriX. Just make sure your computer and your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch are connected in the same Wi-Fi environment. And Blu-ray movies are playable on the Apple mobile devi -ces via AriX. Mac Users can also sign in Twitter or Facebook with the embedded share button just one simple click.


English/German/Japanese/Russian/Spanish/Italian/Portuguese supported


As the first Mac Blu-ray Player software , Macgo Blu-ray Player is spread to the whole world ,to meet all Mac users need, with the help of many volunteers now this Blu-ray Player software is translated to English , German ,Japanese , Russian Spanish,Italian,etc.


Set the right ratio aspect for your Home Theater on Mac.


When play Blu-ray DVD on a Mac ,it will choose the right ratio aspect for users automatically ,or we can set it ourselves manually. Support full HD 720P or 1080p input or showing on the interface of this player . Default Setting options allow you choose the right ratio aspect for your MAC ,TV(NTSC ,PAL),including 16:9 , 4:3, super wide screen 2.35:1,etc.

System requirements:
Mac Blu-ray Player:
  • Mac OS X 10.5+ to 10.8
  • Intel Core2 Duo 2.4GHz processor or higher recommended
  • 512 MB RAM or higher recommended
  • 250 MB of free disk space.
  • A internal or external Blu-ray drive
  • USB≥ 2.0 or FireWire≥ 400
Support Equipments
  • MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro(MAC OS 10.5-10.8)
  • Microsoft® Windows XP (SP2 or later), Windows Vista, Windows 7
Mobile devices:
  • iPhone 3GS,4,4S
  • iPad 1,2,3
  • iTouch (IOS should be 3 or later)
System requirements:
Input Media:
  • BD(Blu-ray disc)
  • Blu-ray ISO
  • DVD Video
  • Video CD / VCD
  • Audio CD (no DTS-CD)
  • Raw Audio: DTS, AAC, AC3/A52


Input Formats:
  • AVI
  • ASF / WMV / WMA
  • MP4 / MOV / 3GP
  • Matroska (MKV)
  • WAV (including DTS)
  • Raw Audio: DTS, AAC, AC3/A52
  • FLV (Flash)
  • RMVB