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You can easily get your registration code back, search or browse our frequently asked questions, and learn tutorials about products. If you do not get a satisfying solution, please contact support team for help.

  • Q:How can I order a product by Winavi?

    1.Define What You Need: To know the link of the order form, start with 

    2.Click "Buy Now" next to the product you need. 

    3.Define the license type you need and the number of licenses to be purchased. 

    4.Place the Order Online: Fill in the order form completely. Enter "Purchase Details" on Regnow,"Billing Information" on Avangate should contain the purchaser info. Follow the directions on the order forms because in some cases the billing operators will request additional info. 

    6.Install and Register the Product: After placing your order and paying for it, a direct download link to the product and registration name and key will be delivered to you via e-mail.

  • Q: How do I get an invoice for my purchase of product?

    If you ordered via RegNow using a credit card, please go to the Order Status Page and enter the information requested to get invoice. If you have placed your order using another payment method, please visit to request a copy to be mailed or faxed to you.

  • Q: What's your Refund Policy?

    Refund Policy Statement Your satisfaction is every bit to us.In the past our refund policy (WinAVI Software 30-day Money Back Guarantee.)was misused and exploited by customers who created false reasons for refund but continued to use our software. Because of this our company now has a much stricter refund policy for that. More info

  • Q:I didn't receive a registration info
  • Winavi Software Support Department answers all questions you submit by e-mail within 24 hours (48 hours at maximum). It may happen that for some external reasons you haven’t received any e-mail reply from Winavi Software to your query. It might happen because of some filtering software installed on your computer. 

    To make sure that you will receive e-mails from us take the following actions: - Add [email protected] to the list of "safe" e-mail addresses;

    If you can't do the above action, use the Help section or contact your e-mail/Internet provider's Customer Support to research your configuration options;

    Disable your Spam e-mail filtering software completely;

    Search through your “junk mail” and “bulk mail” folders for WinAVI e-mail reply, as it could have been moved there by your spam filters. In order to reply to your submitted inquiries we use the e-mail address that you entered in a web form or sent your question from. Be sure to type your e-mail address correctly, please.     

  • Q:How can I contact Winavi Support Department?

    You can contact online and tell your questions Contact Support

  • Q:Where Can i find some tutorials about Winavi Blu-ray Ripper

    Find detailed Winavi Blu-ray Ripper Tutorials here ,if you still have problems to use Winavi Blu-ray Ripper you can also contact support center to get answers. Winavi Blu-ray Ripper User Guide ,Winavi All in One Converter User Guide ,Winavi Video Converter User Guide , Winavi DVD Ripper User Guide .